bella pro series air fryer

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Review

Overview of Bella Pro Series Air Fryer

bella pro series air fryer

If you’re attuned to the trends of platforms like TikTok, you’ve likely noticed the surge of inventive air fryer recipes. From Cajun corn ribs to miso-glazed eggplant, health-conscious food enthusiasts are pushing culinary boundaries. For those who love setting trends, the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer emerges as a compelling addition to the list of social media must-tries.

Manufactured in China, the Pro Series Air Fryer stands as one among Bella Housewares’ diverse product offerings. This brand is esteemed for its elegant array of contemporary kitchen appliances that seamlessly complement the aesthetics of KitchenAid and marble countertops, elevating the act of frying into a luxurious experience.

If you’re seeking to solidify your presence on TikTok, my exploration of the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer in this review will delve into its attributes, the brand’s identity, customer appraisals, promotional aspects, and more. This assessment aims to guide your decision on whether this investment is indeed worthwhile. Let’s begin by examining some of its notable features.

bella pro series air fryer


Key Features:

  • Recognized as a healthier substitute for traditional deep-frying.
  • Eliminates the hassle of excessive oil usage and post-cooking cleanup.
  • Offers convenience and user-friendliness.
  • Capable of cooking a variety of foods, including chicken and vegetables.
  • Includes a digital interface for easy control.
  • Accumulates positive feedback from satisfied customers.

The satisfying crunch of crispy chicken is an irresistible temptation, often hard to resist. While pan-fried options present a healthier choice, the experience falls short of the deep-fried delight. If you’re aiming to cut back on calories without compromising on taste, it’s time to consider the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer. Designed to operate without excess oil, it ensures you won’t experience post-meal lethargy.

Before you’re enticed to part with your money, my Bella Pro Series Air Fryer review is here to furnish you with all the details you need to make an informed choice.

Review of the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer:

The aftermath of a hefty brunch typically involves bloating, fatigue, and that unpleasant oily sheen that resurfaces on the forehead. That generous portion of eggs, Canadian bacon, pancakes, and hash browns may have filled your stomach, but the consequences are hard to ignore. For those in pursuit of dietary transformation, the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer comes as a helpful ally.

This 8-quart culinary apparatus operates sans the need for copious amounts of fat. Instead, it harnesses the natural oils present in foods, whether it’s fish or potatoes. Empowered by a 1700-watt heating system, the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer boasts a digital touchscreen equipped with preset options. You needn’t be a culinary expert to master this appliance.

Designed with a 60-minute automatic shut-off timer for safety and convenience, the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer is available in three distinct colors. Although it appears to be out of stock presently, you can easily acquire one from BestBuy for $85.


The Bella Pro Series Air Fryer emerges as the pinnacle of modernized cooking. According to the consensus among online patrons, it stands out for its speed and ease of use. Its remarkable advantages extend to effortless cleaning and ample cooking space.

Enthusiastic buyers are keen to share their successful culinary experiments with the device. From maintaining the crispiness of fried chicken to perfecting breaded fish and enhancing the flavor of vegetables, the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer leaves a positive impression.

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Bella Pro Series Air Fryer

Throughout my research for this Bella Pro Series Air Fryer review, I encountered a plethora of commendations regarding the appliance’s swift operation. It offers a highly time-efficient alternative to conventional cooking methods like deep-frying. Engineered with a contained lid, users are spared the concern of oil splatters. Moreover, its cleanup is a breeze, facilitated by the inclusion of a non-stick tray and a dishwasher-safe pan with the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer.

What’s Included in the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer?

When considering a product with a price range between $80 and $300 as indicated by BestBuy and Amazon, it’s crucial for customers to delve into the product’s specifications. In this review of the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer, I will outline the included features of this kitchen appliance.

Included Features:

  • 6lb food capacity
  • Equipped with a 1700-watt heating system
  • Incorporates a digital touchscreen with preset options
  • Capable of reaching temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Incorporates a 60-minute auto shut-off timer
  • Features a non-stick pan and tray that are dishwasher safe
  • Includes a user manual

Key Considerations Before Purchasing the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer

While TikTok trends may come and go, the durability of the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer is designed to last. If you plan to integrate this kitchen device as a permanent addition, there are essential factors to ponder prior to making your decision. These aspects will be elaborated on in the following sections.

Usage Frequency:

Acquiring the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer should not be solely driven by its popularity on social media. This appliance caters to individuals who enjoy the taste of deep-fried food but seek a healthier option in terms of calorie intake.


Unfortunately, at the time of this review, the exact price of the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer remains unclear. It appears to fall within the range of $80 to $300, according to online retailers. Given its cost, it’s imperative to assess how this air fryer aligns with your daily meal preparations.

Tech Aspects:

The Bella Pro Series Air Fryer is equipped with a variety of sophisticated presets, making it suitable for those keen on experimenting with diverse cooking methods. Its full digitalization eliminates concerns about undercooked dishes.

User-Friendly Operation:

As previously mentioned, the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer serves as a convenient alternative to traditional deep-frying. Users can delegate the cooking process to the machine.


Overcrowding is not an issue here. The Bella Pro Series Air Fryer boasts the ability to accommodate various types and sizes of food, eliminating the struggle of finding an appropriately sized pan.


With a two-year warranty included, this product offers added assurance against potential manufacturing defects.

Alternatives to the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer

For individuals intrigued by the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer but open to alternatives, the following comparisons may be helpful.

The Instant Vortex 6-Quart Air Fryer

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer
The Instant Vortex 6-Quart Air Fryer

Celebrated by Food Network, this popular air fryer features an intuitive touchscreen and a dehydration function. It’s an excellent choice for culinary experimentation and is priced at $130 at Williams Sonoma.

The Phillips Premium Airfryer XXL HD9630

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer
The Phillips Premium Airfryer XXL HD9630

As a top seller from Phillips, this model is ideal for enthusiasts of air fryer recipes. It boasts fourfold faster cooking than an oven and can significantly reduce fat content. Priced at $427 on Amazon.

For those seeking a reliable and reasonably priced air fryer, the Bella Pro Series model presents a viable option. With all the necessary features for grease-free cooking, navigating complicated settings is not a concern.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer

Curious about the general consensus? Is the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer truly a flavor-packed experience, or is it just another instance of style overshadowing substance? The verdict from the online community is in, and it appears that this culinary device lives up to its high expectations.

In this comprehensive Bella Pro Series Air Fryer assessment, we’ll provide a breakdown of customer ratings for your reference:

  • Google: Garnering 3.1k reviews with an impressive 4.7/5 stars
  • BestBuy: Amassing a substantial 3,870 reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars
  • Amazon: Earning positive feedback from 74 reviews, resulting in a 4.7/5-star rating
  • Macy’s: Accumulating 41 reviews, with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars

Once you’ve brought the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer into your kitchen, you’ll find it hard to let go. Enthusiastic customers are generously sharing recipes from all corners, highlighting the appliance’s exceptional convenience, ease of use, and swift cooking capabilities. Others have praised its relatively easy cleanup process, a boon for those who dislike post-meal washing sessions.

As one contented BestBuy reviewer attests, “No need to fire up the oven, grill, or juggle multiple pans. Plus, it’s a game-changer for keeping the kitchen cool. It’s a massive cleanup saver.”

A Google user echoes this sentiment: “Gone are the days of oil splatters on my stovetop. This air fryer contains everything, and cleanup is a breeze. Breaded fish turns out crispy outside and flaky inside.”

A satisfied Macy’s customer shares, “Absolutely loving this air fryer. I use it daily—it’s simple to clean and has two spacious drawers. I even managed to fit a halved chicken in each drawer and cooked both halves together.”

Addressing some of the criticisms encountered in this Bella Pro Series Air Fryer review, a few negative comments centered around unusual odors emanating from the basket, often attributed to past cooked foods. However, it’s important to note that these few isolated 1-star comments are outweighed by the numerous positive testimonials.

Is the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Worth the Investment?

Indulging in deep-fried delights is a universal weakness. Yet, the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer presents a guilt-free option, offering the satisfying taste of homemade KFC and breaded fish minus the excess calories.

Engineered to harness the natural oils inherent in food, this appliance keeps foodies free from bloating and post-meal discomfort. Concluding this Bella Pro Series Air Fryer review, I’m confident in awarding this product a resounding two thumbs up.

Where to Purchase the Bella Pro Series Air Fryer?

Craving some crispy corn ribs and French fries? To wrap up this Bella Pro Series Air Fryer review, I recommend exploring these popular retailers that offer this top-tier appliance:

  • com
  • BestBuy
  • Amazon
  • Macy’s
  • Walmart

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