pizza rolls in air fryer

Pizza Rolls In Air Fryer

Craving a delightful and convenient snack that perfectly combines the irresistible flavors of pizza with the satisfying crunch of a crispy exterior? Look no further than the enticing world of “pizza rolls in air fryer.”

This culinary trend has taken the realm of home cooking by storm, promising a quick and effortless way to achieve those coveted golden-brown pizza rolls with a delectable, gooey center. As we delve into the art of preparing pizza rolls in an air fryer, get ready to unlock a new level of snacking satisfaction that’s as easy as it is delicious.

With frozen fare at your disposal, the convenience of these frozen pizza rolls is unparalleled. From freezer to fryer, no thawing necessary. The beauty of crafting these delectable bites in the air fryer lies in the swift cook time and the absence of any prep work. Once the cooking process concludes, you’re left with irresistibly crisp air fryer pizza rolls.

In addition to Air Fryer Pizza Rolls, we’ve curated a selection of other rapid snack recipes for the air fryer aficionado, including Mini Pizzas, Tater Tots, French Fries, Cheeseburger Bombs, Air Fryer Pizza Egg Rolls, and our ultimate favorite – Potato Chips.


What You Need To Make Crispy Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

If you’re partial to the satisfying crunch of pizza rolls, you’re in for a treat with the air fryer method. I personally employ a Cosori Air Fryer for most of my cherished recipes. Beyond the air fryer itself, the star of the show here is the frozen pizza rolls. I opt for Totino’s pepperoni pizza rolls, typically opting for the sizable bag containing around 50 mini pizza pockets. Given that consuming that many in a single sitting is quite a feat, I utilize half the bag at a time.

The streamlined nature of this recipe allows for the preparation of up to 25 pizza rolls in a single batch, all accomplished in under 15 minutes from beginning to end.

pizza rolls in air fryer

How To Air Fry Pizza Rolls In Air Fryer

Making these irresistibly crunchy pizza rolls in the air fryer is a breeze. Start by placing the rolls within the fryer’s basket. Cook at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for a duration of 6-8 minutes. At the 4-minute mark, give the basket a shake – a crucial step halfway through the cooking process. The end goal is for both sides of the rolls to achieve a delectable crispiness, crowned with a splendid golden hue.

It’s important to bear in mind that not all air fryers are cut from the same cloth, and cooking times may fluctuate. Should your pizza rolls not attain the desired golden crispness, a supplementary 1-2 minutes can be added.

Upon the completion of the air frying process, allow the pizza rolls a brief cooling period. Exercise caution when taking a bite, as the pizza sauce tends to be piping hot. Pair these delectable morsels with extra pizza sauce for dipping or consider a tantalizing sprinkle of mozzarella cheese on top.

pizza rolls in air fryer


  • If you are new to these mini pizza pockets, revel in the array of options available – select rolls brimming with your favored pizza toppings for a personalized touch.
  • For this recipe, I opted for Pepperoni Pizza Rolls.
  • When arranging the rolls within the basket, ensure a single layer for optimal crispness upon completion.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

pizza rolls in air fryer


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Spray The Basket Or Use Parchment Paper?

A: The rolls can be cooked directly on the air fryer basket without issue of sticking or burning. I recommend refraining from using cooking spray, as it may impact the flavor. If your basket isn’t non-stick, lightly coat it using a pastry brush and olive oil. Preheating the air fryer is unnecessary as well.

Can I air fry frozen pizza rolls?

A: Absolutely! When air frying frozen pizza rolls, allow an extra 2-3 minutes of cooking time.

What Can I Eat With Pizza Rolls?

A: These delectably crispy pizza rolls serve as a splendid after-school snack or a crowd-pleasing treat. I prefer to accompany them with my favored dipping sauce, such as pizza sauce. Enjoying them plain is just as delightful. Other excellent options include ranch dressing, salsa, and cheese dip.

What Do I Do With Leftover Pizza Rolls?

A: Store any remaining rolls in an airtight container for up to five days.


In conclusion, pizza rolls in an air fryer offer a delectable and convenient way to enjoy this classic snack with a modern twist. The marriage of crispy exteriors and gooey interiors is perfectly achieved through the rapid and even cooking that the air fryer provides.

By utilizing the air fryer’s efficient technology, pizza rolls become a delightful treat that effortlessly satisfies cravings. So, whether you’re hosting a gathering or seeking a quick bite, embracing the magic of pizza rolls in an air fryer promises a delightful culinary adventure that’s hard to resist.

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